Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Job Postings

I frequently peruse the local NP job offerings and am constantly amazed at the lack of knowledge regarding NP practice within these postings. Below are a few of may favorites:

  • "NP or RN needed" - umm, do you know that there is huge scope of practice difference?!?! Not to put down any of our RN sisters & brothers (after all, we are all RNs first!) However, the scope of practice of each is very different.
  • "Work under the supervision of..." - Get the terminology correct. If you are in NY State (as I am) NPs work in collaboration with our physician colleagues. I can't imagine that this would be a terribly supportive environment.
  • "Competitive Salary" - $35 -40/hour or $60,000 - $70,000/year is not competitive at all, it's insulting.
  • "Must be a team player..." - The word "team" is thrown an awful lot. In the true sense of the word, it would mean that you are an individual grouped with similar individuals for the purpose of a common goal. The real world translation of this is that you will be expected to function in many roles; from performing nursing duties, office duties, and of course, functioning as a clinician.
  • Please don't refer to us as "Mid-Level Providers" or "Physician Extenders" - The care that I give is anything but "mid." I am also not an extender since my practice is my own since I can practice autonomously and competently.

I hate sounding so cynical however, I feel that if someone is looking to hire a nurse practitioner, they should understand the role we play and have a realistic understanding of that role. While I have read many articles that mentions the benefits of having a nurse practitioner (read: increased patient flow, volume, & efficiency), it would behoove one to understand the culturally competence, evidenced-based and caring attributes of the clinician they are posting for.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

At it again

There is a physician blogger that uses every opportunity that he can to minimize, patronize and belittle the NP role and he is at it again. I refuse to leave a comment on his blog since others who have induce a tirade of back and forth nonsense that gets no where. He can track back to my post and maybe read this blog and maybe gain some relevant insight into NP practice.

I must now return to counting tongue blades since that is as complex as this nurse practitioner gets. One, two, seven....damn!