Sunday, January 27, 2013

New Year, New Post

Hello Everyone and thanks for reading my blog. It has been a while since my last post - not for a lack of topics to post about - but due to an insane schedule that I have been keeping. Here in New York, we have been through he effects of SuperStorm/Hurricane Sandy, another presidential election, and the tragedy of the unfathomable nearby Newtown Connecticut shootings.

There is so much also going on in healthcare and the aforementioned happenings are also intertwined in the landscape - from emergency preparedness, state health insurance exchanges as part of the Affordable Care Act, and mental health respectively.

Specific to nurse practitioners, there have been numerous articles written about us (and the interesting negative commentary that always follows and isn't worth commenting on anymore). We have also seen the merger of two national nurse practitioner organizations into one large one. CMS announced that there will be increased Medicaid reimbursement for certain physician providers but seemingly omitted nurse practitioners from the higher rates. 

I will try my best to offer my commentary on the latest news, issues, and trends as I have been doing since 2008, the inception of A Nurse Practitioner's View. There has been many changes since then (I am so glad to see more NP Bloggers out there) and some things have stayed the same (i.e. an article published about NP guided care, then cue the demeaning and disparaging remarks). NPs are among those front and center and I look forward to sharing my view and perspective in this new age of healthcare. As always, there will be no advertisements on this blog and I am no longer accepting any guest posts (thanks to everyone who submitted over the last few months).