Monday, May 2, 2011

National Health Service Corps

I was recently contacted by a member of the National Health Services Corps (NHSC) and asked to highlight their program here on my blog. It certainly sounds like a wonderful opportunity for NPs regarding loan repayment. So here it goes:

The NHSC is a federal program that offers primary care providers financial support in the form of loan repayment or scholarships so they can practice in underserved areas of the country without the burden of educational debt.

The NHSC is currently expanding to help meet the need for primary care professionals. The current application cycle for loan repayment closes on May 26th and applications are now being accepted for the NHSC scholarship program.

As the country faces a shortage of primary care providers, the NHSC plays a critical role in bringing primary care medical, dental and mental health professionals to communities in which people would otherwise have to travel miles for health care, or go without help. In return, the NHSC offers help in repaying loans. For example, clinicians who join the Corps can receive up to $60,000 for a two-year full time commitment and up to $170,000 to help back loans for completing a 5-year service commitment.

If you have any specific questions, contact me and I can put in you in touch with someone who would be able to answer them. There is a definite need for eligible providers and loan repayment helps those struggling financially. It's a privilege that primary care NPs (as well as PAs and other health professionals including physicians, dentists and more) are recognized for this important and meaningful program.


Barbara C Phillips, NP said...

This is an EXCELLENT program. I was an NHSC scholar and loved, loved, loved this program. In fact, I just was encouraging a student to check it out this past Tuesday. Highly recommended!

Tiffanie Atkinson said...

This is one great step by the nurses so that all the nurses in the world like me have the feeling of security and belongingness.

Stacie Oswald said...

The Medicaid program covers the cost of nursing facility care for individuals unable to afford the cost and who have been found financially and medically eligible under NH Medicaid regulations for Long Term Care services.

Gaye Biggerstaff said...

The Recovery Act has allowed the National Health Service Corps (Corps) to more than double the number of primary care doctors, dentists and other clinicians working in underserved communities nationwide — in small towns in the frontier west and in the most distressed inner-city neighborhoods.