Sunday, July 13, 2008

What's Wrong with this Picture?

Picture this: hundreds of patients braving the elements, lining up for access to a free healthcare clinic, dozens of healthcare professional volunteers offering their time to provide medical, dental and vision services and thousands of dollars in donated medical supplies. Sound like a medical corps serving a third world country? Guess again. Its happening in Tennessee, Virginia and Kentucky.

Tonight, 60 Minutes ran an updated story about Remote Area Medical (RAM). This is an amazing volunteer organization started by Stan Brock. His original intention was to help injured and sick people in desolate parts of the world. Now, a large part of the people being helped are right in our own backyard. What does that say about the state of healthcare today?

The news piece also highlights NP volunteer Teresa Gardner providing women's health services to those in need. She counsels and treats a patient that hasn't followed up in 3 years status post cervical cancer surgery. Sadly, these stories are all too common today. Check out RAM's website in the link above to find out more about the organization and ways to help.

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Sandra Ree said...

Good post. This needs to be heard.