Wednesday, January 27, 2010

iPad and Health

I am a techno geek. I love my iPhone and BlackBerry. I have a laptop, a netbook and a couple of desktop computers. I am currently piloting a Kindle DX, which is pretty cool.

Today, Apple introduced the iPad, their hotly anticipated tablet computer. It is a beautiful device, about the same size as the Kindle DX, though basically a blown up iTouch. While I can't wait to get my hands on one (it's not available for another 60 days or so), I wonder what apps will be developed to enhance the flow of information in health care. There are already a number of EHRs that run on mobile platforms and since this basically uses the iPhone operating system, it would appear that this is tailor made for health applications - both on the patient side and on the clinician side.

This device may aid in the modernization of health records. The flow and integration of data can and should be so much better. I believe this is a game changer and we will see a further explosion of health related apps and uses.

And it can be yours starting at $499. Very cool.

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Amega Products said...

I think iPad will be another great use to Hospitals. Specially on records of patients.