Thursday, December 2, 2010

Guest Post: North Carolina Nurse Practitioner Fights for Change

North Carolina Nurse Practitioner Fights for Change

Pediatric nurse practitioner Sandy Tripp has decided to do something about the childhood obesity crisis. She is reaching out to health care providers, public school administrators, and politicians to try and initiate change in Beulaville, North Carolina.

As part of her efforts, she has been giving presentations in local schools. Her slide show features pictures of acanthosis, clogged arteries, fatty liver disease, and Blount’s Disease. She tries to educate students and staff about nutrition and the importance of exercise.

She is also trying to persuade schools to offer their students fewer hot dogs and French fries and more broccoli and carrots. She is working to get a la cart offerings and vending machines removed from schools completely. She’s even trying to recruit Jamie Oliver, the international go-to guy for changing menus in schools!

Tripp already has one politician on board, North Carolina House Representative Stephen LaRoque, a Republican from Lenoir County. He says, “If we can tackle the nutrition standards in the schools, it will benefit the entire community … the things [Sandy] showed me in her presentation were pretty powerful in terms of what our kids were eating at schools.”

Tripp has been a Kinston Pediatrics nurse practitioner for 14 years, and a nurse for 24 years. She is now working toward her doctorate in nursing at Duke University. You can follow Sandy on Twitter. I’m sure she would welcome your input and advice. We are all in this together.

Robin Merrill is a freelance writer who writes for Wisconsin Dells Hotels.


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