Sunday, July 31, 2011

File This Under Random

I check out many health-related websites on a daily basis. I click on links from Twitter and Linked In and see the entrepreneurial ventures of fellow health care professionals. One of the things that irks me of late is the random stock image of health care "professionals" posted throughout websites (for example see below).

This woman has been featured on more websites that I can count. It's not that I doubt her professional credentials - she seems to at least have a legitimate Littman-type stethoscope and upgraded smoke finished clipboard. But is it that hard to post a picture of actual clinicians today? When we talk about patient-centered care, I believe patients deserve to see an actual image of their provider rather than the random clip-board touting, lab-coat wearing stock image that graces so many websites. I hope this woman is at least getting royalties from gracing so many sites! 

So please, if you have a website and are a healthcare professional or entity, please use your actual photo rather than the one above - it helps regarding credibility. Patients know much better than that. 

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Halie (Scrubs Editor) said...

Ahh the stock nurse photo... You make very valid points but some publications can't afford to pay royalties for many individual images or take the time to make sure they have image clearance for personal photos. It's a touch call but certainly we should try to change it up!