Friday, August 12, 2011

How Not to Advertise a Career in Nursing

I receive countless spam e-mail messages to my many e-mail addresses. The screenshot of the one that I received below is definitely one of the most bizarre and struck a nerve.

Really, this is not a way to advertise a career in nursing. It's unclear to me how or why doctors specifically, are in need of people like me. Perhaps the inference is that doctors tell nurses what to do and nurses are there to serve at their beck and call. We all know that the profession of nursing has a whole science unto itself and that nurses are front line care givers, influencers and advocates in the world of patient care. Sandy Summers is a nurse who runs the The Truth About Nursing website and she dedicates the whole site to correcting the vast negative portrayals of nurses in the media and in entertainment. I can envision her targeting this type of inaccurate portrayal due to the poor choice of wording.

I did not click on any of the links for fear of it taking me to some weird phishing site or to some inappropriate site. The e-mail address originates from Germany which also adds to the bizarreness. 

My hope is for those who are truly considering a career in nursing, they have the chance to explore the many wonderful opportunities within the profession and that targeted advertisements accurately portray the profession and encourage individuals to become a part of it rather than be dissuaded.

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