Thursday, April 3, 2008

"Primary Care," continued

My attempts to start a healthy dialogue regarding NP practice and Dr. Bob's 4/1/08 diatribe have failed:

"One nurse practitioner linked to yesterday’s post and attacked my formulation. At the risk of insulting her and her colleagues, I have worked with nurse practitioners and I believe that she and they overestimate their capabilities. The problem with mid-level providers comes from their lack of training in thinking about complexity. They do very well in routine care, but the big problems in medicine come from incomplete thinking about problems."

Thanks for not insulting me. And oh by the way, I'm not a female.

So much for a prime opportunity to discuss NP education and the like. So much for better understanding the working relationship between NPs and physicians. Oh well, I must return to counting tongue depressors now because that's about as complex as this clinician can get.

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Nurse Practitioners Save Lives said...

Obviously, Stephen wouldn't preclude to being a male would it? I still find it funny that docs still assume that NPs are all female. I know quite a few great NPs and they are male. We need more of you in the ranks! I am working on a post regarding his definition of Primary Care. I'll be sure to give you the credit for drawing my attention to his blog.