Monday, April 14, 2008


Here is a recent article written in the AMA newsletter entitled, "Advanced-practice nurses seek wider scope in 24 states: Physician leaders fear that expanding the range of services nurses can provide may threaten patient safety."

It includes the same old rhetoric against NP practice that they've been using for at least the past 15 years. I found this old press release from the American Association of Colleges of Nursing in response to a December 1993 report from the AMA Board of Trustees questioning independent practice by advanced practice nurses. The response clarifies and corrects the erroneously written material.

Sadly, 15 years have passed and we are in a no better, if not much worse, health care crisis. Instead of working collaboratively for a solution that will attempt to address the health care shortfalls, some choose to recycle old baseless, inaccurate arguments.

(Image is Plato-raphael from wikipedia, "rhetoric.")

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