Thursday, June 19, 2008


The WSJ Health Blog posted yesterday: "Some Nurses Land Higher Salaries Than Primary Care Doctors." The gist of the article is that a recruiting firm averaged a nurse anesthetist's salary to be $185k/year opposed to $172k/year for family physicians. Now, I'm not sure if that is a blow to the sad state of primary care in this country or is a blatant smack at nurses.

Is it heresy that nurses can make more than physicians?

I just get the overwhelming sense from the article and its anonymous comments that the nursing profession (and its many specialties) is undervalued, poorly understood and should be akin to the handmaiden image.

Why does it always have to be us vs. them?! Ugh.

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Rick said...

Hey great blog. I am in school with my (ultimate) goal of being an NP. Hope you link to my blog: I've linked to yours!

Love the blog.