Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Massachusetts' Attempt To Cut Health Care Costs

One has to hand it to Massachusetts for tackling escalating health care costs head on. A bill, that has passed the Senate and will soon be introduced into the House (as reported by The Boston Herald):

"... calls for creating a statewide, electronic medical records database, allowing patients to choose nurse practitioners as primary-care providers, and prohibiting pharmaceutical company sales agents from offering gifts to physicians."

Allowing patients to select NPs as their primary care providers will serve as additional entry points into an already over-burdened primary care system. In addition, the bill will enable patients to experience high-quality, cost-efficient and patient-centered care directed by Nurse Practitioners.

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Massachusetts "experiment" (?) seems to generate first results. number of uninsured people lowered (but it's not nearing zero at all, as it was planned), on the other hand budget had 33% deficit (as I have read, I am not sure if it's true) and first longer waits appeared. I am extremely interested in this section, because private health insurance grow is discussed topic among Toronto life insurance brokers I belong to...
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