Sunday, November 9, 2008

Informal Salary Survey


I see a lot of inquires for NP wages. Please take my informal salary survey on the right of the page. Of course, there are many variables to consider such as benefits, bonuses, hourly vs. salaried, etc. I'd just like to get an idea of what others are making and will report on the results.

The survey will be up for a week.



Mendoza kinesiology said...

hi!! excellent blog!! keep going!! see you !! bye!

Carolyn said...

how is the job market in NY city for new NPs? i'm graduating from UCSF in san francisco and am looking to maybe move to new york. its very difficult to find out just through online searches how many jobs are available, what's the demand/supply... i would appreciate your insider info!

Stephen Ferrara, NP said...

Hi Carolyn,

I'd say that the NYC job makrket is pretty good for NPs. I, too, monitor the job listing sites (I really like and craigslist to see what's out there). I do see many job listings for NYC. I'd say that currently the demand is greater than supply.

The wonderful thing is that more and more organizations are recognizing the value of NP practice and I believe the demand will only surge.

Good luck with your decision and feel free to ask any other questions that you may have.