Sunday, August 2, 2009

For the Record

Here is a very informative interview about current NP practice and health reform from nurse practitioner, Dr. Thad Wilson, president of the American College of Nurse Practitioners (ACNP). Dr. Wilson eloquently provides clarification of the NP role and how our health system will be a better place when full inclusion and barrier-free practice is consistent along state lines.

Thanks, Dr. Wilson.

There is a post on the same site from a third year medical student about health reform and refers to chatter about nurse practitioners supplanting primary care physicians on a particular board. The posts on that board are certainly entertaining and show how turf wars are alive and kicking.

I hope that folks will read Dr. Wilson's interview to get an alternative perspective and realize that we need to work together to ensure that our families and our communities will be taken care of in the health care system of tomorrow.

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