Thursday, August 27, 2009

Forms, Forms and more Forms

It's back to school time and that means droves of physical forms flowing into offices as a requirement for school. Each form is different in its length, complexity and readability. Some practices have refused to complete forms and will attach a copy of their own. Some practices charge an additional fee to have the forms completed.

Why can't we ascribe to a standardized school form that everyone can use? I have seen some forms ask only for height, weight blood pressure and immunization history while others require a complete review of systems, physical exam, diagnosis, and dietary restrictions.

What do you think? Should we have a standardized physical form? Do you charge extra for completing patient's forms? If you are a parent or a patient, what do you think of this superfluous and redundant paperwork?

I'd love to hear your thoughts.

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Anonymous said...

I am an FNP student (with plenty of school to go!) At the moment I still work as an RN in an office, and we also get deluged with similar types of paperwork this time of year. As I work in an allergy/asthma/immunology office, the types of forms we fill out generally deal with food allergy action/emergency plans. We have our own form that we can use but also will fill out the school's own paperwork. We have, however, just started charging to fill out forms other than our own due to the variable complexity and the time needed to figure out what each school wants. I definitely do wish we could standardize school forms, and I am sure this will become a more fervent desire as I finish up with school and head out into my own practice!