Monday, June 14, 2010

NY Newsday Article on NP Practice

Here is an article from NY's Newsday about NP practice and the goal towards the elimination of statutory collaboration in New York. It's a fairly predictable piece with the typical opposition from the organized medicine playbook (How many times do we have to see "If they want to play doctor, they should go t o medical school" in print? Seriously).

Nonetheless, thriving NP practices are mentioned and show the significant impact that NPs are making in the lives of patients and in the health care system.

I will mention it again as I've done countless times in my blog: NPs do not want to replace physicians and are NOT looking to change scope of practice (The presence of a collaborative agreement or not will have no impact on the quality of care I deliver but not having one in place simply renders me unemployed). I do hope that the vocal opposition eventually understand this so that we may begin to deliver care that is truly patient centered.

UPDATE: I did something that I told myself not to do: I gave in and read the "comments" section following the article. Wow. There really is a total lack of understanding about nurse practitioner practice, education, licensure, and certification requirements. So sad. We need to do a much better job so that the public understands who we we are, what we can and can't do and not be portrayed as a less than competent option.

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