Saturday, June 26, 2010

Let Down

No, this has nothing to do with breast feeding. This post is really a non-healthcare topic but I just needed to vent. Back in the Winter, I blogged about my passion for technology and looked forward to the new iPad coming out. To preface, I have always been a PC guy and never really understood the whole Apple fascination. I had many PCs and was very comfortable troubleshooting any issues I had. Though, I did have many different of the iPod models and had purchased the 3G iPhone back in October 2008. Well, I did decide to purchase the 32 GB Wi-Fi iPad and hopped on board the Apple gravy train. I woke up early that Saturday in April and headed on down to wait in line at my local Apple store. Overall, I am happy with my purchase as I knew it wasn't really a replacement for any device that I'm currently already using. This for me was really a "nice to have" rather than "need to have" purchase.

I do have an issue with the device which is known by Apple and they still haven't adequately adressed it: the iPad loses my WiFi connection frequently. Apple's response has been to blame the router or to adjust the screen brightness. These "solutions" haven't worked for me. I have been able to find a work around of sorts: when the signal is lost, I press the sleep/wake button and then turn it back on. It reconnects without me having to re-enter my network password (which is highly annoying to do repeatedly). As far as I'm concerned Apple's response is to place blame on anyone but them.

In May, my Dell laptop crapped out and I was forced to look for a replacement. I decided to jump aboard Apple again and purchased a 15" MacBook Pro. This by far is the best laptop I've ever owned and am very pleased with it.

This brings me to my recent iPhone 4 upgrade. I was one of the lucky "few" to reserve a 16 GB iPhone 4 (via the Apple Store app on my current iPhone). I ended up waiting about 1 1/2 hours total on Thursday 6/25 at the Apple store from start to finish - which wasn't that bad considering that some people were waiting many many hours in line. The phone is beautiful itself and is so much faster than my old 3G. But, I am experiencing the dreaded loss of signal reception issue when I hold the phone in my left hand. This is a major issue. To date, Apple's response has been again to blame everyone else ("hold it in your other hand," "you are holding it wrong," or "get a case for it.") Incidentally, I would've bought their $30 piece of rubber they call a "bumper" but they were already sold out at the Apple store when I got there. I ordered one on-line and I am still waiting for it to ship. (Still, $30?!?!)

I am profoundly disappointed in Apple's responses to these well known and ubiquitous issues. To shift the blame to others in completely unacceptable. As a clinician, I take the responsibility for the care that I render and the buck stops with me. Apple should do the same and quickly.

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