Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Passé or is it?

I started to write this post and then said to myself, I'm not going there...its so passé. I saved it as a draft with little intention of completing it. Then I come across this "media kit" posted on the American Academy of Family Physician's (AAFP) website and just can't believe my eyes with their approach. They have set out to point out the obvious: NP education and training is different than that of physicians! Who knew?!?!

I am so disappointed in the AAFP. Perhaps no other specialty works as closely together as NPs and family practice physicians. Up until now, I've generally come across very supportive family practice physicians of nurse practitioner practice. This is a slap in the face of sorts.

And now the original post: Another day, another article about nurse practitioner's filling roles traditionally held by physicians, and another physician-centric theme by organized medicine. It's nice to read an article with some NP input and perspective. However, here we see the proposal of a pyramid with a physician sitting atop to "supervise" and develop protocols. Does that even deserve any further comment?

I am not completely without despair though. I found a blog by Dr. Lin, Common Sense Family Doctor, and his recent post about Primary Care Dream Teams. Without specifically mentioning NPs, he captures the essence of collaboration and working together in the best interest of the patient, not the profession - I don't think that should ever become passé.


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kennylin said...

Well said, Stephen. I really believe that FPs' fear that NPs and/or PAs will "take over" primary care (and thus FPs need to reflexively fight to protect their turf) is unfounded. Especially since NPs and PAs are going into specialty care at rates comparable to medical students in recent years.

Laura said...

I looked at that media kit and it makes me want to vomit. Very carefully worded with total spin. What is the point of this?? Why can't we just play nice?