Friday, April 30, 2010

Another Media Piece

Here is another positive view of NP guided care specifically in New York. Of course, it is not without the organized medicine tagline of playing the "quality of care" card under the guise of protecting patients. However, we know that retrospective chart reviews (the current requirement in NY and in many other states) is not about quality of care.

In fact, peer chart review should be a requirement for all clinicians. Every professional should engage in ongoing chart reviews (I actually prefer benchmarking and looking at actual data/outcomes against versus simply reviewing a chart).

I just don't understand the constant undertones that NPs are prone to making mistakes or will "miss something" and that having a collaborating physician review the chart 3 months later somehow will "ensure quality." NPs see thousands of patients every day and we have proved and will continue to do so that we provide quality evidence-based care.

And now to the video...

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