Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Nurse Practitioner Recognition in New York

Here in New York, the month of April is proclaimed by the governor as Nurse Practitioner Month. This is a noble attempt to recognize the work and care that the 13,000 or so Nurse Practitioners do every day in New York.

I'm curious if other states have such proclamations or if anything is done on the state level to recognize NPs. Please post any information relevant to your state and I'd be happy to list the data in a table.

And to my fellow New York Nurse Practitioners (and NPs all over), Happy Nurse Practitioner Month!

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Anonymous said...

I'm 55, a guy who has avoided medical care (I never liked doctors) and recently went for an annual physical at the local family practice group. I was surprized when the practitioner introduced herself as "Michelle, your nurse practitioner." My first comment was that I wanted a doctor not a nurse. Michelle said that I could see the doctor, but asked if I would let her do the exam first, if I didn't like it, no charge. O.k., I was wrong Michelle was super. I'm in great health except foe a few age-related problems such as HTN and BPH; things that most docs don't care a rat's butt about. Michelle is actually interested in controlling my HTN (i'm now normotensive) and she keeps close tabs on my BPH (regular exams plus meds)..additionally she has helped me with lifestyle changes that have all of my labs within normal limits. Damn that nurse Michelle; if I do everythig thst she suggests, I'll probably live forever.